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  • What do I need for my first appointment?
    Your first appointment is typically made by your referral source or physician. Please bring your insurance card, picture I.D. and current medication list with you when you come. If you have had diagnostic testing. Please note there are fee's for medical form completion such as Disability, FMLA, 3rd party coverage and medical record requests.
  • How long will my appointment take?
    Each appointment is different so ask your physician and care providers what to expect for the next appointment. For new consultations allow 1 hour for your comprehensive care visit.  Your surgeon will discuss with you the most appropriate surgical care intervention. You may also want to make a list of questions to ask your surgeon.

    Quality care does take time. We do our best to be efficient and help you with every component of your visit.
  • Who should come with me to my appointment?
    If you are coming from a Nursing Home or Care Facility, you must be accompanied by someone who can assist you and is familiar with your medical history.

    We would love to meet your family and friends and they are always welcome; however, we do have limited space in the patient rooms. We have many patients with compromised immune systems and ask that you be sensitive to not bring anyone with you who has cold or flu symptoms.
  • What happens next if I need surgery?
    Once you and your surgeon have determined you will need surgery several steps will take place. Your surgeon may order diagnostic tests, Lab work or clearance to have prior to surgery. Coordination of these tests are done by one of our Medical assistants. They will contact you to discuss these orders. If you need to speak to one of our Medical Assistants, they can be reached by dialing 619-797-4043 or 619-797-4046. The next step is ordering your surgery.

    Your surgery order is generated by your surgeon after your visit and given to our surgery coordinator. Our surgery coordinator will call you when orders are received. This general takes a few days after your initial visit.

    Most insurance companies require our office to obtain an authorization for your surgical care. Our coordinator will take care of obtaining insurance authorization for your surgery. She will also discuss possible dates and times for surgery, how to follow pre-surgery directions, your diet and schedule your post-operative appointment. If you have any questions regarding scheduling your surgery, please call our coordination desk for assistance at (619) 797-4039

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